Ask any online casino players know the most popular games, the answer is simple – the video slot ! Therefore, it is not surprising that slot machines occupy the most important share in the game catalogs of most gambling sites. This is because the video advertising for beginners, cash prizes and bonuses can be said to be the best in the online gambling industry.

However, due to the large number of online options, slot fans often find it difficult to determine the best title. Therefore, if you encounter the same dilemma, this slot machine selection guide should come in handy.

Payout Percentage

With hundreds of video slot options, it is important to remember that all options are not equal. Therefore, before playing the game, you need to carefully check the game’s RTP (Returned Player Percentage). This function can also be used for online casino games, such as roulette , poker and blackjack .

For example, if the payout percentage of the video slot is 96%, it means that the player can expect an average return of $96 for every $100 bet. With this in mind, it is best to choose a slot machine that offers a low RTP rate. Ideally, it should be between 3% and 4%. Just remember that a low house advantage does not necessarily mean a higher chance of winning.


If you like playing video slot machine jackpots, you might know a little bit about volatility or variance. If you are completely green in this area, then volatility will determine the number and frequency of victories a player can win. The video slot appears high, medium or low variance. Just find the one that suits you.

Fortunately, it all depends on the size of your funds. For those who like to play jackpots and have enough patience to get generous bonuses, high volatility slot machines are their best choice. However, if you want smaller but more frequent payouts, choose low-volatility stocks. When playing stocks with medium volatility, find the right balance between the two.

Bonuses, Free Spins And Other Features

Playing video slots or any other online casino games should be related to entertainment. Fortunately, most regulated online casinos offer video slot bonuses for new and old players. Usually, you may find scatter symbols, bonus symbols or free spins. Therefore, please pay attention to one of the promotions. Free spins are often the most profitable of the three.

In addition to free spins , you should also check other random features video slot title. Take a look at gameplay, image and sound quality, etc. As mentioned at the beginning, playing casino games is mainly related to entertainment. After all, it is impossible to win any prizes in video slots you don’t like.

Number Of Paylines

The number of paylines is an underestimated but crucial criterion when choosing a slot machine. The payline number determines the number of winning combinations available on a given video slot machine. Surprisingly, it is recommended that you look for video ad slots with multiple paylines. Those players with fixed paylines require players to bet on all available single paylines.

Interestingly, some slot machines allow players to make adjustments and select a line to activate and use while playing the game. In this case, each line will be treated as a separate bet. So, assuming you choose a video slot with 20 paylines, and the coin is worth $0.10, each spin on the reels will cost a total of $2.00. Make a wise choice!


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